5 reasons to get buddhify 2

Good Digital Mindfulness for Good Digital People

Ok so why should you part with two of your hard-earned dollars to get buddhify 2 on the AppStore? Here’s five reasons…

1. Because it gives you a great way into mindfulness and meditation
Mindfulness and meditation is pretty big nowadays, and while it’s certainly not a panacea it’s something that can bring a lot of really positive qualities into your life – awareness, focus, compassion and generosity to name just a few. However only a fraction of all the people who are interested in mindfulness and meditation convert that interest into actual experience. Why? Because they feel they don’t have time for classes or because they feel it’s too hippy. No such problems with buddhify 2 – if you want a way in, then this is it and you save time because you use it while you’re doing what you’re already doing!

2. Because it looks & feels amazing
Designed by amazing data artist Stef Posavec, buddhify 2 is maybe the best-looking meditation app out there and once you’ve played around with the main meditation wheel you’ll see what we mean by the amazing feel of the app too. The visuals and the feel of buddhify 2 are really important and we put a lot of time and energy into them…and the reason they are important is that we want you to frame meditation as something lovely and attractive rather than as something that’s a bit hippy, woo-woo or twee. You are never going to be embarrassed if someone sees you using buddhify 2 on your phone – but you can’t always say that when it comes to lots of the other apps out there.

3. Because it’s got so much variety 
buddhify 2 has meditations especially designed for 14 different activities throughout your day…from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, and everything in between. That means that you can meditate and develop your mindfulness in pretty much all parts of your day. Tracks vary in length from 5 mins to 20mins, come in four different (lovely) voices and each track presents a different technique or idea so if you get to know them all you’ll have a massive meditation toolbox at your disposal. Oh and of course there are also all the sweet additional features such as the lovely self-timer and stats display.

4. Because it’s going to get even bigger
Those with a keen eye will notice that the app comes bundled with nearly 50 individual meditation tracks but actually has space for 96. That is because over the next 12-18 months we’re going to listen to what people want and create dozens more meditations based on your requests and add them to the app over time. So not only do you get a great value app for just $2 or £1.49, you’ll get access to even more content over the next year or so. Lucky you.

5. Because it will change how you understand your digital life
While mindfulness-for-wherever-you-are is already a massively exciting concept, there is another really big radical idea in buddhify 2 – the idea that you can actually develop mindfulness, calm and compassion while you are online – working, browsing, whatever. So many people believe that technology is only negative for our minds – ruining our concentrations spans and all the rest. But the secret is really very simple. Mindfulness-based meditation is all about attention and being online also involves your attention and so if you know how, you can use your attention in certain ways while online that are actually good for your brain and your wellbeing. And by listening to the ‘working online’ meditations in the app, buddhify 2 shows you how.

Convinced yet? If you are then go ahead and treat yourself to buddhify 2 at www.appstore.com/buddhify2

And don’t worry if you’re not an iOS user – we’ve also published two standalone albums with a selection of meditations from the app which are now available in all major mp3 stores such as iTunes (Vol. 1 | Vol. 2)

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