Android is coming (and other news)…

buddhify mindfulness & meditation app for Android is coming

buddhify 2 for iOS is seven months old today. And what better way than to celebrate by making three lovely announcements.

1. Android is coming…
For all the hundreds of people who have messaged us requesting buddhify for Android, you are right and have always been right that an Android version of buddhify would be awesome. And now that the iOS version has done so well so quickly, I’m delighted to say that we have started working on buddhify 2 for Android. We haven’t yet locked down the spec for the app yet but we hope to add a couple of special treats and plan to launch in the autumn so do watch this space.

2. Filling the wheel
Alongside the Android version we are also busy doubling the amount of meditation content for the app. Both iOS and Android users will therefore see a new 30-40 tracks in the autumn too. More details soon on specifically what these new tracks will be.

3. Getting busy on the blog
We’re so excited with all the buddhify progress that we want to share as much of the ongoing story as we can. Therefore today will be the first of a weekly blogpost, each of which will share news related to what new features and content are coming to the app as well as sharing some of the big ideas behind the app and the area of mindful technology in general.

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