buddhify is one year old!

This week sees the first year anniversary – or should that be appiversary?! – of buddhify going live on sale.

It’s been a terrific year with our humble little app being used by thousands of people across the world, being picked up by various media outlets and most importantly doing what we designed it for – providing an accessible way into the marvellous world of mindfulness and meditation.

We’ve learnt a great deal this year and it’s an open secret that we are working on a new version – which has the incredibly cryptic codename b2.  The designs are looking incredibly exciting and we plan to launch by summer 2013.  Without giving too much away, b2 stays true to the spirit of the original buddhify app but takes the idea of urban meditation to a whole new level.  And for all the Blackberry and WP users we shall be publishing special non-app mp3 tracks so non iOS/Android users can still have a buddhify experience, albeit a slightly different one.

So while it’s always exciting to look forward to what is yet to come, we’d like to take this chance to look back and thank everyone who has been part of this first year of buddhify.  You’ve been amazing.

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