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Q1. Why is it called buddhify?
buddhify 2 offers a fresh and playful take on the tried and tested techniques of mindfulness meditation, drawing inspiration from Buddhist tradition. While buddhify is in no way religious, the techniques we use apply real Buddhist meditations to everyday life, hence the name!

Q2. Why would I want to meditate and be more mindful?
The meditations in buddhify 2 are specially designed to grow our mindfulness, our sense of calm and our ability to be compassionate every day. So if you think you are as self-ware, calm or compassionate as you can possibly be already then that’s great, but most people don’t feel like that! Our outside lives are so busy nowadays that we very rarely get the chance to develop and nourish our inner lives and that is what mindfulness and meditation does.

Q3. Isn’t it all just a bit hippy?
A lot of meditation stuff out there is quite hippy – something we can thank the 1970s alternative movement for. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Taking care of our inner lives, becoming more aware of how our minds work, increasing our sensitivity to others should be something that we all have access to. That’s why we’ve created an app which people are excited to have on their phones without being embarrassed that it’s all lotus flowers and incense sticks.

Q4. How can looking at your mobile improve wellbeing? Shouldn’t we be spending more time in the ‘real world’?
Our phones and our wider digital lives are part of our real world. The more we see them as separate and distinct the more trouble we’ll have with digital technology. But if you want to spend less time looking at your screen, you’ll be pleased to know buddhify 2 mainly uses guided audio meditations, which means the main engagement you’ll have with it is through your headphones!

Q5. buddhify 2 has meditations designed for the workplace – wont that be a distraction?
We don’t need much of an excuse to get distracted at work! buddhify 2 has two particular types of meditation for the workplace. The first is for when you are taking a break and it encourages to recharge yourself so that you can be more productive when you next get back at it. The other type of meditation is for when you’re working online and rather than being distracting they actually teach you techniques that help you develop calm and mindfulness while doing the things you’re already doing. It’s a radical idea but it really works.

Q6. What does mindfulness actually mean?
It’s a natural quality of mine we all have and it the ability to be aware of what’s going on either in our body or our minds at any particular time. For example we may be really angry but be so caught up in the drama of that that we’re not really clear about what is going on in our minds. If we have mindfulness then when the anger comes along, by being aware of it we’re able to respond rather than just blindly react. It sounds like a simple thing and it is, but it is also a real super-power because it can give us so much more control over our everyday lives.

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    I would like the app for android. Is this available? I see the iphone version is $3. Is the price comparable for android?

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