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**Please note that if you see a locked icon in the app…fear not!  This is just a device like that in Angry Birds where as soon as you start to play the shorter meditation, the longer one becomes unlocked and available**

1. How does it work?
buddhify is a mobile phone application which teaches you meditation while on the go.  Players select their location (travelling, walking, gym, home)  and what type of meditation they want to do and the app then plays an audio guided meditation designed specifically for that situation.  buddhify also includes a simple self-assessment system where players can rate their happiness and mental experience whenever they want.

2. Who is buddhify for?
buddhify has been especially designed for people who have always wanted to try meditation but have never got round to it and for people who have just started to hear about the benefits meditation can bring.  People who are already meditators will also find it useful but it is targeted for beginners.  It is most suitable for people who live in cities, have busy lives and have an Android or iPhone smartphone.  However if you want to buy a smartphone specifically to play buddhify then that’d be cool too.

3. Why is it different?
buddhify is a radically innovative and exciting app.  Compared to how meditation is typically taught, the most distinctive differences are the look and feel and the way the teaching is delivered – all designed to suit the realities of how people live and use technology.

4. Why is it called buddhify?
As a product buddhify is fresh, playful and based on the tried and tested techniques of Buddhist mindfulness meditation…therefore it has a name that is fresh, playful and nods to its heritage.  In no way is buddhify religious or dogmatic and while it is inspired by meditations from the Buddhist traditions, it only shares techniques not any specific Buddhist teachings.

5. What is Two Player meditation?
Despite the common image of meditation being a solo experience, it has always been a social experience.  buddhify therefore includes a special mode called Two Player Meditation designed for two people to practice and experience the benefits together.

6. Why are you charging for the app?
Many people feel that meditation teaching should be provided free of charge.  While this is a beautiful aspiration the facts are that the work behind creating an app like buddhify costs money and we will therefore price it at a level which we feel will recover the total costs of production while still being accessible. If the app sells well enough to create a profit, that will be invested in the development process for more projects and products in this space. This is best thought of like a social enterprise and not a charity.

7. Who is behind buddhify?
buddhify is the creation of Rohan Gunatillake, a long-term meditator and award-winning meditation blogger with a professional background in innovation and digital consultancy.  Rohan has assembled a terrific delivery team which includes Winterwell Associates (app development), Creative Co-op (graphic design), Inner Ear (audio production), Lucy Robinson (vocals), Tom Buckley-Houston (web design support) and Martin Aylward (consultant teacher).

8. Why is it only available on iPhone and Android?
Making apps costs money and resource levels were such that the first release is for the two most popular app stores.  If successful in this first release, we shall look at buddhify being available on further platforms.

9. Is buddhify a complete meditation system?
Not at all.  buddhify looks to provide an introduction to meditation in an innovative, exciting and convenient way.  If players then feel they want to explore meditation further we recommend they look to develop their practice and understanding through further reading and attending classes or courses with a respected and qualified teacher.

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