Rohan interviewed for CBC’s Spark

buddhify founder Rohan Gunatillake is featured in the latest Spark show from CBC in Canada. Spark is a popular show and podcast on how culture is being shaped by technology and you can listen to it here.

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  1. Barbara Lord

    Thank you so much to Spark for introducing me to buddhify. I, too, have been interested in mediation and have not been able to start on my own. Brilliant idea! Thank you – although it has only been 3 days since I acquired buddhify, it has already helped me considerably in a very difficult time.

  2. mary k mcintyre

    I just heard the summer re-broadcast of Spark, and listened to the interview. Have downloaded the app and will give it a shot!

    I’m fried by distraction at work, in my studio and at home — need something to help me concentrate!

  3. Allison Patterson

    A replay of that Spark episode turned me onto Buddhify too. I am a “periodic” meditator with aspirations of being a regular meditator. Buddhify has helped me kickstart some good periods of regular meditation in a busy world! Thanks!!

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