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Below are our most frequently asked questions. These range from the technical and information about the app through to questions about your own mindfulness practice.

Within the app

Can I autoplay the tracks one after the other?
We feel that it’s important to take a moment for reflection after each meditation therefore we would discourage listening to one track after the other without taking a break.

Can I change the voice?
It’s natural that not everyone will love every guide voice on the app. Because of this buddhify has a selection of 4 different voices. You cannot change the voice but we have deliberately included a selection in each section so you can choose your favourite.

What are the stars for under some of the tracks?
A star on a track indicates you haven’t listened to that track yet.

What’s the solo section for? 
The solo section is a timer for your own solo meditation time. There is no guidance or words. You can set the duration you would like to practice for and you will hear a short piece of music at the beginning and the end of this time.

Your practice

How deep should my breathing be during the meditations?
There is no hard or fast rule to say how deep your breathing should be. Judging your breathing might actually be anxiety inducing itself. What’s important is not judging the quality of your breathing, rather being aware of it.

Is it normal that my mind keeps wandering during the meditations? 
It’s so normal that your mind is wandering. You’ve already done the first step which is noticing that it is happening. Next time you notice your mind wandering during a meditation, just bring your attention back to the track and to whatever you were practicing. Back to your breath, or the feeling of the feet on the ground or body on the chair, bed or floor.

I’m falling asleep during the tracks – am I doing it wrong?
It’s not wrong to fall asleep during meditation. If you’re trying to get to sleep, for example, then it’s working.

Can I use this with my child?
We have found that many people listen to buddhify with their children. We suggest talking to them afterward about their experience so they might become more used to talking about their inner world.