What’s new in buddhify 2?

While for many people buddhify 2 will be their first experience of on-the-go urban meditation, there will also be many of you who have enjoyed the original buddhify app – buddhify classic – and are wondering why you should get the new app.

Built from scratch, buddhify 2 is still based on the core buddhify concept of meditation for wherever you are, here are four of the reasons why we think it’s more than worth the investment of two of your hard-earned dollars.

#1. A beautiful new design
We think it’s no longer useful to keep mindfulness and meditation shackled to a hippy, new age aesthetic. That belief led to the visuals for buddhify classic being fun, fresh and very different to any other meditation apps out there and with buddhify 2 we’ve taken it to a new level of loveliness. The interface and general look & feel has been designed by Stef Posavec – a remarkably talented information data artist and designer we’ve been a fan of for a long time. We think what she came up with is truly lovely and we hope you’ll agree.

#2. So much more content
Design is one thing but above everything, the actual meditation content is what of course is most important to the buddhify experience. buddhify 2 has four times as many meditation locations and activities than before. These include meditations for when you are waking up, going to bed or can’t sleep; meditations for when you are feeling stressed and meditations to listen to for when you are online. The latter are perhaps the most radical and exciting of the new content.

#3. Built to grow
buddhify 2 has been built in such a way that we can add new content over time so that the library of meditations can grow from the initial already generous 7 hours-worth to much more. And the simple way that will work is that we will listen to what our users want and write and record new tracks that will appear in the app with no need for an update.

#4. Brand new features
As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve also added a very elegant self-timer for when you want to meditate without any guided instructions, a simple but effective way to monitor your progress with the app and some handsome graphs and visuals which show you how you’re getting on.

And thank you to everyone for sending all your suggestions which have been super useful in making buddhify 2.

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