Why is buddhify 2 is launching for iOS only?

We’ve recently had many emails and tweets in recent weeks asking why buddhify 2 is only out for iOS devices and so rather than respond to everyone in turn it makes sense to explain here why we made that decision.

We would genuinely love nothing more than to be able to publish buddhify 2 for Android as well as all the other platforms we’ve had requests for such as Windows 8 and Blackberry. However the realities of app development and publishing are generally quite tough and while it’s easy to believe the hype that all app developers are sitting on piles of money from their millions of downloads, that’s only really true for the likes of Angry Birds and Candy Crush. And so back in the real world as a tiny company which is entirely self-funded we have to be really prudent with how we use our resources.

With buddhify classic we found that our iOS version outsold Android 5-to-1 even though the former was $3 and the latter $1. Adding an Android version of buddhify 2 would have doubled our upfront development costs which just wasn’t something we could afford this year. The strategy therefore is to publish for iOS and then in the hope that it does well, use the revenues from that to develop new versions for other platforms and of course new products entirely. There are also other significant factors when developing for Android such as making sure it’s a high quality experience across the massive range of devices and also the piracy issue – neither of which come into play for iOS.

We didn’t make this decision lightly and so that is why we’ve also published standalone mp3 albums so that there is at least some sort of experience for non-iOS users. The buddhify vision is ‘meditation everywhere’ and of course that has to include more than just Apple devices and we hope we’ll get there soon enough…. and somewhat ironically the best thing Android users can do to help us get there is to encourage their friends with iPhones and iPads to get themselves a copy!

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  1. V

    Maybe try crowdfunding an Adroid version? Then you can guarantee a certain amount of money before starting, and you’ll only have to develop it if enough people are interested to buy it before it comes out

  2. riccardo

    I recently downloaded buddhify classic for my Galaxy S4.
    Its an awesome app… i really do hope you will develop buddhify 2 for android at some time…
    See you around :)

  3. Shanda

    I have enjoyed your “Classic” on Android so much, and when you get a chance to have Budddhify 2 on Android; will be there to download! Everything in little steps, no one gets there in leaps:)

  4. Sam

    Yes, kick-start would be the way. I totally understand the concerns, but the Android market has grown tremendously since the launch of the first app. So, a future development when possible is a good idea.

    But another thing: I do appreciate the possibility of buying the mp3s separately. What is not cool, is that the mp3s amounts to almost 12 dollars if you want them all, when the app itself is less than 2 dollars, AND you don’t have the options of the app. I mean 2 mp3s for the price of the app. Hmmmm…

    Too bad. Good luck with the app though, and I hope to see it on Android soon.

  5. Harry Poland

    I’d happily pay into a Kickstarter / crowdfunded way to get Buddhify² onto the Android platform.

    Could you please put Buddhify Classic back into the Play Store? I haven’t even tried that…

    Ironically I found the app for an iPhone using friend, loved it and can’t it for phone. My iPod only has iOS6 so that’s no good either.

    I do understand your concerns, so go on, let’s crowdfund it!



  6. Michael

    That’s too bad :(. Sorry for the piracy problems!

    Is there any way you could release the percentage of your app that was pirated on IOS vs. Android (not just raw numbers). I am currently making an app for the first time, and that information could be really helpful!

    Also, You might want to look into phonegap if you want to make multi-platform apps in the future. Others in my old company used it with great success in the past.

  7. Rood

    That’s really too bad! The original buddhify was the *only* app I actually purchased through the store for my HTC Thunderbolt.

    I found out this was taken off the store when I went to check to make sure apps I had purchased would transfer properly, unfortunately it looks like I’m going to have to find another way to make sure I can keep using it.

    Your explanation makes sense though, thank you for the update at least.

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