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The #1 mindfulness app for the digital generation


Mindfulness 24/7

The app contains guided meditation tracks for 14 different activities which make up your day so you can develop mindfulness anywhere and everywhere - on the train, at work, when online, at home and much more

Meditate while online

It is possible to develop mindfulness and concentration online, but you need to know how! buddhify 2 contains brand new meditation tracks designed specifically for when you are working or browsing online.

Stats and progress

buddhify 2 has a sophisticated system to help you track your progress as well as handy stats and graphs to give you valuable feedback on how you're getting on.

Stunning new look

We wanted to not only make buddhify the best meditation app out there we also wanted to make it the most beautiful. And with our distinctive colour wheel and lovely illustrations we hope you think we've done that.

Mindfulness works

There is a growing body of scientific evidence of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. It has shown to help productivity, concentration and mental wellebeing.

buddhify works

Tens of thousands of people around the world have already benefited from buddhify's approach to mobile meditation. An example of the user feedback is below but if you'd like to see what people think you can always do a twitter search like this

Designed for busy lives

Lots of people are interested in trying mindfulness and meditation but don't have the time for a class or course. buddhify teaches you mindfulness while you are doing the everyday activities of your normal day.

Authentic mindfulness

Despite being a very modern approach to mindfulness in terms of presentation and delivery, buddhify is not superficial or frivolous. It is based on years of meditation experience, and a deep understanding of how mindfulness can be best expressed in the 21st century.
buddhify has had a great response from press all over the world but most importantly...


buddhify is one of those rare apps that actually changes one's life in big-little ways. It's the google maps of the interior world

13b34addffb8b60066b934c5429e7fe2 Ming-Zhu Melbourne, Australia
Just a little obsessed with buddhify, so pretty.

cfdab4db34865206e0c051a2e9d694d8 Victoria London, UK
OMG buddhify is awesome! I have no excuse not to meditate now.

8jqaetab3vknrfetavdo Bridget California, USA
this is amazing! 2 days in and I can tell a huge difference... thank you

305951_593807663977666_384866981_n Chad Tennessee, USA
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