Our People


Rohan Gunatillake


Rohan created buddhify as an expression of his love both of meditation and of design & innovation. He started training in mindfulness meditation in 2003 and now many years later considers it a privilege & a delight to be doing the work he does. He is the author of Modern Mindfulness.

Lucy Gunatillake

Research & Vocals

Having first joined buddhify since Rohan didn’t have any budget for vocal recording, Lucy is now the most popular voice in the app. With a background in social impact and mental health-related technology projects, Lucy leads on research & operations, and is currently training to become a health psychologist.

Emmie McKay

Production & Vocals

With a background in arts production, Emmie manages the creation of all the audio and video content. She works as a person-centred therapist alongside her mindfulness work and leads on buddhify’s sister project Kara, a mindfulness self-care tool for people affected by cancer.

Pärtel Unga

Production & Design

Partel joined the team in January 2017 after graduating in psychology from the University of Glasgow. Having lived all around the world, he has a eye for universal good design and detail, and his talent has improved every screen within the app. Partel also leads on the buddhify Alexa Skill and buddhify’s sister project codenamed Future Mindfulness.

Nessie Gunatillake

Team Morale Manager

Our studio dog, Nessie is a barbet and natural mindfulness practitioner. Spending most of her time at the feet of the nearest possible known human, Nessie dreams of being the lead character in a buddhify spin-off children’s book project Mindful Nessie.



Level Up

Mobile Development

The very talented team at Level Up has worked with buddhify since 2014. Based on just the other side of Glasgow from the core buddhify team, Level Up are specialists in a wide range of web & mobile technologies and should you ever get the chance to work with them you will be very lucky to do so.


Helen Stander

Marketing Lead

An early member of the team at Headspace, Helen now works with a range of different health & wellbeing-related startups on marketing, growth and communications strategy. Based just outside London, like Rohan & Lucy, Helen balances her mindfulness work with parenting a young child.


Dana Jaffe

Editorial Support

Dana’s first experience with buddhify was as a user, and she initially got in touch to express her appreciation for the app. She recently joined the team to support and manage the written content for the buddhify app and website. An experienced writer, editor, and content specialist, she is based in Asheville, North Carolina.


Euan Burton

Audio Lead & Double Bass

Euan is a musician, composer and producer based in Glasgow. He led on the recording, editing and production of all the new buddhify guided meditations – a truly herculean effort. Full of myriad musical talents, Euan specialises in double bass and his playing appears in the buddhify Solo Timer.

Credit: Ashley Baxter

Ryan Thompson

Visual Identity

Ryan is a long-time friend of the buddhify team and when we were looking to refresh the app’s visual identity and colour palette, Ryan was the only person we would ever ask. A deeply talented and experienced graphic designer, he has a specialism in typography and design with a timeless quality.


Stef Posavec

Interface Inspiration

Stef is a designer, data artist, and true genius. Much sought after for her remarkable talent in presenting information in beautiful and meaningful ways, Stef came to widespread recognition for her 2016 book Dear Data. Stef was the designer of the original buddhify wheel on which the current version is based.



Michael Bready

Kids Meditation Lead & Vocals

Michael discovered mindfulness at the age of 18 and through his organisation Youth Mindfulness he has taught thousands of children, teens and young adults. A long-time friend of buddhify, he and his colleague Lorna led the design of the buddhify kids content.


Lorna Walker

Kids Meditation Lead & Vocals

Before specialising in mindfulness training, Lorna has worked as a educator for young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Together with her Youth Mindfulness colleague Michael, she led the design of the buddhify kids content and was the lead writer.


Kate Johnson

Meditations & Vocals

We consider Kate one of the brightest talents in the next generation of mindfulness teachers. Now based in Philadelphia, Kate has taught extensively across New York and her first book on social activism and mindfulness Friendship as Freedom is scheduled to be published in 2018. She previously worked on buddhify’s sister project Kara for people affected by cancer.


Lucinda Poole

Meditations & Vocals

We met Lucinda via The Mind Room, an innovative psychology practice in Melbourne, Australia where she used to work. With training in a wide range of therapeutic approaches, the core of her work is in mindfulness meditation. Now based in Amsterdam, she has previously worked for the Australia-based kids meditation app Smiling Mind.


Emily Horn

Meditations & Vocals

A friend of buddhify since the very beginning, Emily’s unique talent has been part of buddhify since 2014. The co-founder of the Meditate.io programmes for deepening meditators and the Asheville-based Heart of Insight Community, Emily has been called a “power player of the mindfulness movement” by Wired Magazine.


Vince Horn

Meditations & Vocals

A long-time friend, mentor and hero of Rohan, Vince has been at the forefront of the progressive meditation for over a decade. The co-founder of the highly influential Buddhist Geeks, he now heads up Meditate.io with his teaching and life partner Emily.


Lodro Rinzler

Meditations & Vocals

Lodro is a gifted meditation teacher and innovator. With an extensive background in the Shambhala tradition, he is the founder of New York’s premier drop-in meditation studio, MNDFL. Since founding MNDFL in 2015, it has expanded into three studios, an online portal of teachings and a non-profit arm bringing meditation into the education system.


Joshua Bee Alafia

Meditations & Vocals

Joshua is a man full of talents and full of heart. An experienced cinematographer, editor and film-maker, Joshua also a long-time meditation teacher with a specialism in mindfulness for people of colour and disadvantaged young people. Now based in Chicago, we first worked with Joshua on Kara, our project for people affected by cancer.


Gala Narezo

Meditations & Vocals

Gala Narezo works as an artist, educator and consultant who specializes in creating platforms for social issues. Using art, design thinking and mindfulness, her work focuses on community engagement and collaborative problem solving. With deep experience working with young people, Gala’s work features in buddhify kids.


Kaira Jewel Lingo

Meditations & Vocals

Kaira is all heart. A former nun in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing and now based in Washington DC, Kaira teaches classes and retreats all over the world. She has a specialism in mindfulness for children and young people having edited Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children and helped establishing Wake Up Schools.


Alexander Irving

Meditations & Vocals

Alexander has written several of the meditations in the section related to Pain & Illness. An osteopath and London-based mindfulness teacher, he has a specialism in pain science and pain management.