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Here at buddhify, we want to help people grow. We heard from our users that while many of you are interested in deepening your practice, it isn’t always clear how to actually do that. That is why we have created buddhify Membership: a range of features and benefits all designed to help you get even more out of your meditation, with a focus on depth, learning & community. And not only is Membership a way to learn new skills and deepen your experience, your support means we can continue to grow while making sure our values remain the heart of all that we do.

Buddhify Membership is available for $30 a year


Unlock these amazing new features

A first-of-its-kind karaoke-style feature which allows you to read out and share our most popular meditations in your own voice with the people in your life. Changing what a meditation app can do, Transmission is perhaps the most exciting feature ever made in an app like this. 

Designed to help you grow your formal meditation skills, this wheel contains 18 new meditations presented as short training courses, based on the six core meditation techniques every deepening practitioner should know.

Video courses, practice themes, deep dives into popular meditations, and stories from across the community, updated on a weekly basis. The first video course is How to Design Your Own Meditations.

“Becoming a Member has reinvigorated my practice. So grateful!”

Ross, UK

Support our work

There is also a very real commercial reason for our launching Membership. We’re very proud of how, as a company, we’ve never had to take any investment and so have retained our creative independence. But in a world where other meditation apps charge much more than buddhify and have much more money to grow, we as a company need new types of income to continue to do what we do. There is a lovely simplicity in buddhify having just a single one-off price, but it is a limitation. We get so many messages from people all around the world who tell us how much value they’ve got from the app and how that value pales in comparison to the $5 they spent. So alongside all the great features Membership includes, it also helps support us continuing to be the leading independent, values-led meditation app business around.

Thank you so much for what you have created and continue to create. I especially love Together. It’s great seeing videos of you all and behind the scenes and the stories. it makes the app feel so cohesive and inclusive and exciting.

Rob H.

Membership brings awesome new features, but my main reason is to support buddhify and all their terrific work.

Florian H.


Becoming a buddhify Member is easy to do. Tap on the Membership section from the buddhify menu and then the button to become a Member. The payment will then be processed via the AppStore if you’re on iOS or Google Play if you’re on Android and the Membership functionality will be unlocked for you to enjoy straight away.

The fee for becoming a buddhify Member is USD $30, GDP £25, CAD $30, AUD $40 per year.

Yes. Memberships are auto-renewed on an annual basis.

If you are on iOS, you can manage your Membership via the Settings app. Full details can be read on Apple’s guide here. If you’re on Android, you can manage your Membership via the Google Play app. Full details can be read on Google’s guide here.

Membership lasts for one year and is auto-renewed on an annual basis unless cancelled.

No. We do not offer a trial for Membership. 

Unfortunately Apple App Store and Google Play Store effectively manage your membership as all payments are managed and processed by the these stores. Mindfulness Everywhere never has access to your payment details. Because Apple and Google are managing payments, they also manage who has access to membership within the app.

Mindfulness Everywhere is not able to offer refunds or partial refunds for any part of your membership year unused, because we are unable to remove membership access from users who no longer want to be a member. This can only be done by Apple or Google.

We recognise this is not an ideal situation, but this is the way both App stores operate and how refunds work for all apps purchased through these stores.

The Membership gives you access to three new features. Together is the most dynamic, with multiple pieces of content added every week. Transmission starts with 10 meditations and these will be added to based on Member feedback and requests. Formal starts with 24 meditations and again, more content will be added later in the year based on your feedback.

All payments are not made via us, they are made via the AppStore or Google Play and so to update your details you should do so via the platform you use.

No. Unfortunately this is not supported by the Apple AppStore or Google Play.

Membership is for buddhify users who want to develop their skills and practice further. It is also for people who, having got more value from the app than the original small cost they paid, want to support our work at a higher level.

By becoming a Member, you will be supporting the buddhify team’s ability to grow and continue to make the most creative mindfulness products around. The extra revenue as well as the closer relationship that Members will have with the team, means we can make even more content and new features best suited to what you need and want.

You can discover more about what is included in Membership at


Yes. You need to have the app and have an account to activate buddhify Membership.

Deepen your practice. Support our work. Become a buddhify Member today.

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