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Transmission: Our all-new karaoke meditation feature

What to expect from Transmission, our new feature available for buddhify members


Our meditations in your voice

Perhaps the most radical feature ever included in a meditation app, Transmission makes you the meditation guide. With its unique karaoke-style interface, Transmission allows you to read buddhify meditations in your own voice to the people in your life. Whether you want to share meditation with your family, your friends, or your colleagues, Transmission allows you to do just that. And by sharing, you learn just as much. In fact, every meditation teacher knows there’s something magical about the experience of sharing a practice with others. And while using Transmission doesn’t mean you become an instructor or teacher, it’s the next best thing.

How transmission works

Once you have chosen which meditation your want to trasmit, you then start by placing your thumbs on the indicated positions on the screen. This starts the meditation and you will see the words you have to stay out loud at the top of the screen. You will also occasionally see some words below the progress bar, which are notes for you to help keep you connected and on track. Then all you simply do is read aloud the words as they appear and you will be guiding a meditation for whoever is with you in the room. The words are timed so that they will come and go when you need to read them. And if you missed something or need to go back, you just take your thumbs off the screen and press the back button and start again when you’re ready.

A magical way to meditate

Transmission is a feature which we’ve been dreaming of for many years and we’re excited that it is now available for everyone to try and enjoy. We made it because as useful as plugging your headphones into a mindfulness app and doing a practice by yourself is, historically meditation has always been better when done together. Here at buddhify we believe it’s incredibly powerful to share mindfulness and meditation with the people that matter to your in your life, and what better way to do that than in your own voice, not some random person in an app? How you use Transmission is entirely up to you but we imagine it being particular good for parents reading meditations to their children, partners and friends reading meditations that best suit how they’re feeling to each other, and even colleagues transmitting a practice as a little break.


There are currently ten different buddhify meditations that you can share in your own voice through Transmission. They are all popular meditations from the app which have been adapted for reading aloud by you.

  • Scan (Meditation 101)
  • Sense (Meditation 101)
  • Rest (Meditation 101)
  • Kind (Meditation 101)
  • Rain (Stress & Difficult Emotions)
  • Zoom (Calming Down, Kids)
  • Fade (Going to Sleep)
  • Settling (Going to Sleep, Kids)
  • Gratitude (Growing the Lovely)
  • Curiosity (Growing the Lovely)

And we will be adding many more over the year based on your feedback and requests.


Become a Member today

Transmission is one of three features available through Buddhify Membership. Becoming a member not only gains you access to these features but also supports our ongoing work as a values-led family business.

Why Transmission matters

Part of the all-new buddhify Membership, Transmission is the most exciting feature we’ve ever added to the app. And while it might sound like hyperbole, we genuinely think it’s the most important addition to any mindfulness app ever. So why does Transmission matter so much?


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