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Why Formal Matters

Rohan shares the four reasons why Formal, available for buddhify Members, is important

Part of buddhify Membership, Formal is a whole new wheel within the app. Designed to help you grow your formal meditation skills, this wheel contains 18 new meditations presented as short training courses, based on the six core meditation techniques every deepening practitioner should know. But why does Formal matter?

Because of the value of building a balanced toolkit

The Formal wheel helps you develop your skills in six core meditation techniques: body awareness, overall awareness, concentration, the heart qualities, inquiry, and letting go. Together these represent a well-rounded set of styles. So that when you have developed some proficiency in all of them, your practice will be balanced and give you inspiration to explore new avenues and pathways.

Because insights can be deepened

While the heart of buddhify has always been ‘on-the-go’ meditation, to mature as a meditator, this should be balanced with formal practice. Getting better at formal practice gives you the opportunity to anchor and deepen any insights that come up in other parts of your life. It also give you a stronger base and foundation which mean that you are more likely to develop insights in the first place.

Because skills can become second nature

So many of the buddhify meditations are based on the six styles presented in Formal. When you have a good grounding in those styles, and the ideas and techniques become more and more familiar, you have a much better chance of mindfulness no longer being something that you do, but instead just part of who you are.

Because it's hard

Formal meditation can be challenging. So we’ve carefully designed Formal to both stretch you and at the same time give you the support you need to become a better meditator. At buddhify we do do everything we can to make mindfulness as accessible and straightforward as possible but there are times when the right thing to do is a hard thing to do. And Formal will help you get there. 

That’s why Formal matters. We hope you enjoy it.

Formal is available for buddhify Members. Find out more about Membership here.



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