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Why Together Matters

Rohan shares the reasons why Together, available for buddhify Members, is so important

Part of buddhify Membership, Together is full of video courses, practice themes, deep dives into popular meditations, and stories from across the community, updated on a weekly basis. But why does Together matter?

Because meditation is more than just meditating

Studying how and why mindfulness works, exploring different ways to practice, and learning from the stories of others on their own path is just as much a part of the practice as doing meditation itself. Together’s content therefore gives you a fuller, rounder background and a set of skills and inspiration to continue to move forward.

Because human stories matter

Together is full of the stories of other buddhify users and indeed other meditators from all around the world and from all sorts of backgrounds. While we all start our own personal journeys with mindfulness, with your own motivations and drivers, there is so much to be gained by listening to and learning from others. Sharing in this way can unlock all kinds of insights and Together does this in a gentle way through stories.

Because you can build a relationship with our team

We make buddhify for the people who use it. And we also made it in such a way that it doesn’t feel like a faceless startup with millions of users, but as a small family business with our values at its heart. Through Together you can get to know us better and have a conversation, so that all our work continues to be in service of the people that make it all possible: our community. 

That’s why Together matters. We hope you enjoy it.

Together is available for buddhify Members. Find out more about Membership here.



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