Best Time to Meditate

Best time to meditate

The best time to meditate is when you will actually do it. It’s that simple. If you can barely roll into work on time in the morning, then an evening practice may be more ideal. If finding time for meditation at all is a challenge, then aiming for a five-minute session at your convenience is a better option than trying to schedule a 20-minute sit every day.

There’s no magical answer. That’s why at buddhify, we’ve created an entire app around meditation done differently, so you can do what works for you. We have guided practices to help you in the morning and at night, at work and at home, and on the cushion and on the go.

How the app can help you find the best time to meditate

  • Learn mindfulness techniques to do alongside your morning, mid-day, and evening routines
  • Find a guided practice based on what you’re doing and how much time you have
  • Explore meditation categories like Going to Sleep, Waking Up, Travelling, and Work Break
  • Choose from sessions of varying lengths (as short as three minutes and up to a half-hour)
  • Try activity-based exercises that you can squeeze in on the go

You will learn how to:

  • Build a meditation practice that works for your schedule
  • Start the day in the way you want it to continue
  • Take a short break from work to refresh and reconnect during a busy day
  • Turn any walk into an opportunity for joy, kindness & awareness
  • Encourage a quieter and more restful mind as you prepare for bed
  • Create a bit of space in moments of difficulty
  • Apply a wide range of mindfulness skills for different situations and times of the day

How to use the app for finding the best time to meditate

  • Experiment with meditating at different times. To do this, you can try some of our most-loved meditation categories like Waking Up, Going to Sleep, and Work Break. See what lands best with you
  • Ask yourself questions like: When do I have the most time and energy to spare? What feels most natural for my existing routine? When is the most convenient?
  • Get creative, especially if you are still finding it to be a hurdle to fit meditation into your day. We have guided practices for Eating, At the Gym, and Travelling. Don’t wait for that special moment to sit in silence, try bringing mindfulness right into the action
  • Why you are meditating is important. If you are feeling anxious at work or struggling to get to sleep, that is a time where you will see that practice can make a big difference
  • Transition times can be a wonderful, yet often overlooked, opportunity to grow your mindfulness skills. For example, when you arrive at work or return home, just be still for a minute. Take special care to reset and let go of what has happened before and what is to come. This will set the tone for whatever is next
  • Another timing factor meditators are often curious about is how long to meditate for. The majority of our sessions are 5-10 minutes, which is a perfect place to start. Whenever you’re ready, we also have longer meditations created to help you deepen your practice and a Solo Timer if you want to give independent practice a go


Here are some people who have successfully used the app to fit meditation into their busy schedules.

“I love that there are different sets of meditations for different activities, emotions, and times of day and that there are meditations using a huge variety of techniques. I have found that I can pick a meditation to suit however I’m feeling. I’ve also found it a really helpful tool to develop my learning and meditation technique; I can see real improvement after just a few weeks!”

Anja R.

I have downloaded many mindfulness meditation apps and have found this one to be the best for my needs. I can choose one that fits my daily needs and time. The variety is good and meditations help me focus on all aspects of my practice.

Dodie A.

Buddhify has so many different ways to just take your mind away from all the stresses and have some “me” time, even if it’s just for 5 minutes…sometimes it’s all that is needed just to come back to focus.


“I was so happy to come across this app. No monthly subscriptions like most of the other apps out there. Really good selection of meditations for all moods and amount of time you have. I use this app daily (life permitting). I recommend to anyone who needs assistance or wants to learn the meaning of meditation and how to meditate efficiently.”

Danny B.

“This app is brilliant. Makes every place and time you are in throughout your day a good place and time to meditate. I can’t rate it high enough and now also with some great new editions!”


“It is so smooth and easy to use! I have a hard time sleeping and started using those meditations and now branched out into other areas as well. They are typically 5-10 minutes long so you CAN make time for them. They are helpful and the narrator’s voices are nice to listen to. Thanks, buddhify!”


“This app has had a tremendous impact on my meditation practice, but more importantly, my life! It’s the perfect antidote to stress and even acts as an incredible sleep aid. I can’t recommend it enough. Download it. It’s worth every penny.”


I use it almost every day in the morning to wake up and the evening to wind down.

Andraž G.

Buddhify is a great way to grow your mindfulness practice, from quick meditations you can do at a bus stop to longer more formal sitting meditations.

Heather V.


Ask long-time meditators and you will find people in both camps. It largely depends on what you hope to get out of it. Some swear by making it a priority first thing in the morning. This helps you set the mood and an intention before you get busy with your day. Mid-day meditation is beneficial for keeping stress levels in check, and evening practice is known to help people build a better sleep routine. It’s a win-win situation.  

There is no prescriptive number, which can be hard for people who want a specific answer. Let go of your fear of doing it ‘wrong’! Do it three times a day, once a week, whenever you’ve had a stressful day or can’t sleep, it really is up to you. With that said, there really is no downside to making it a goal to practice every day, even if it is for only a few minutes.

Finding time to meditate is one of the biggest hurdles for people starting out. Don’t let this idealized version of what a perfect meditation practice should prevent you from doing it all. Results are not limited to meditating x amount of time, x amount of days a week — just take whatever opportunity you have to practice. There are so many moments to bring awareness to the experiences of the day, from waking to sleeping and everything in between — so it doesn’t have to be quiet and calm to meditate, in fact learning how to practice in the busiest parts of your day can be an even more powerful way to start. Use the app to find a starting point and expand upon that.

Quick sessions are so valuable for developing every day, real-time mindfulness skills, whereas longer formal meditations are beneficial for identifying places for growth and generating a deeper level of self-awareness. At buddhify, we believe doing a mix of both makes for a well-rounded meditator.