Guide for Existing Users

A whole new wheel

There are many new features and things to discover in new buddhify but the main one is how the wheel has changed. In the past everyone who used buddhify had the same wheel. But now you have the power to edit your wheel, adding categories from our expanded library, removing those you don’t need and moving them around to be in the right position for you. You can edit your wheel using what we call Edit Mode. And if you’re not sure where to start, you can try one of our pre-curated wheels.

What's moved?!

All the meditations from the previous version are still in the app (or shortly to be added). They may however not be immediately in the first wheel you see. But if you use the ability to Switch Wheels you can get the Classic wheel as you know it. There are still some minor changes to note:

  • Feeling Stressed & Difficult Emotions have been combined into Stress & Difficult Emotion 1 & Stress & Difficult Emotion 2
  • Bubbles has moved from At Home into its own category of Bathtime with three new tracks
  • Just Meditation has become Meditation 101
  • The following legacy tracks are not in the app right now but will be added in the early New Year: Switch, Now, Calm, Laser, Universe, Yes.
  • Some tracks have been re-recorded to improve quality and you may notice some slightly different voices. So if you happen to be deeply attached to a particular meditation from the previous version and it’s not quite the same now, we do encourage you to give the new recording a go.

For more details on individual tracks, please read our dedicated blogpost Where has it gone?


And if you ever feel you’d like an mp3 of your ol’ fave then just pop us an email.


On Stats 

The statistics in the app have also changed and are now seen via Settings. Unfortunately we have had to reset all stats with this new version so many apologies for those of you who are inconvenienced by that. We didn’t want to do it but the nature of the rebuilt app made it very hard to keep going. So if that’s you, maybe take it as a chance to start again.

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