How to Meditate

How to meditate

Learning how to meditate can seem intimidating. As with developing any new skill, learning the basic techniques is essential for building a foundation. You can get more formal and structured as you develop your practice, but it’s best to start simple.

That’s where buddhify has you covered. Our guided meditations are easy to follow and great for beginners. It’s like having a teacher in your pocket. You won’t need to do anything but press play.

How the app can help you learn how to meditate

  • Access introductory meditations that teach you the basics of mindfulness
  • Enjoy expert-led sessions that offer step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process
  • Discover ways to apply meditation techniques in your everyday life
  • Try a variety of core techniques including body-awareness, mindful breathing, noting, and concentration
  • Explore a library of 200+ short guided meditations designed to make practice accessible and fun

How to use the app to learn how to meditate

  • We recommend you start by selecting a track from the Meditation 101 category to explore. This includes foundational meditations which represent classic styles of practice from the mindfulness tradition
  • Alternatively, you can use the simple question ‘what is happening?’ to find a meditation. You can look at the wheel, and based on what you are doing or feeling, pick a meditation that feels right
  • Remember, there’s no wrong place to start. Just find a track, press play, and meditate. It really is that simple — our expert teachers will guide you through the exercises
  • Take what you have learned and experiment with independent practice. Use the Solo Timer and try sitting for 5-10 minutes on your own
  • Continue to try varying techniques, sample a variety of categories, and see which ones have the most impact. Use that as a point to dig deeper


Here are some people who have successfully used the app to learn how to meditate.

“Buddhify is simply THE best mindfulness meditation app I have ever come across. I am a regular user of this app and can completely recommend it to anyone seeking guidance in mindfulness and/or meditation.”

Sabine H.

“Been a huge help in learning how to meditate. Has different guided meditations for many different situations like walking around the city or catching a flight.”

Dan J.

“Buddhify is great! It helps you learn a lot about meditation and how to do in the right way.

Luca L.

“It is perfect for how I need to use it— pick a meditation based upon length and subject matter, and GO!”

Angelika R.

“Meditation can make us better people and this app shows us how to do it easily and as often as we like.”


“I love this app, partly because I find it beautiful and intuitive to use and partly because the guidance is detailed and clear.”

Paula G.

“I was so happy to come across this app. Great app and great price. Really good selection of meditations for all moods and amount of time you have. I use this app daily (life permitting). I recommend it to anyone who needs assistance or wants to learn the meaning of meditation and how to meditate efficiently.”

Danny B.


Absolutely! That’s the benefit of guided meditations. Each session is like a separate lesson in mindfulness — giving you all the information you need to do the exercise from start to finish.

In general, many of our meditations start with the instruction to make sure your body is comfortable, your back is fairly upright, and your belly is nice and soft. You can close your eyes or keep them open — whatever feels most natural. With that said, at buddhify, we are all about meditation done differently. This means we have meditations designed for sitting down, lying down, and being on the go … so just follow along with each track.

If you prefer to get a bit more background before practicing, try reading our in-app Foundations content. The purpose of these mini-articles is to give you insight into how meditation works, the buddhify approach, and other information that will support your understanding and practice beyond the guided meditations.

Yes! Our shorter sessions are immensely helpful for both learning how to meditate and for getting your everyday mindfulness fix in the long term. And if you are interested in taking things to the next level, there is a Membership option with a Formal wheel with 45  to 60 minute tracks, video courses, weekly practice themes, and other bonus features to help you as you progress on your meditation journey.