Meditation App for Android

Meditation app for Android

For many people, it’s no longer a question of ‘is a mindfulness app right for me’ but ‘which mindfulness app is right for me’.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use meditation app for Android, try buddhify.

There aren’t many meditation apps out there right now like buddhify. We’re all about meditation done differently. You’ll love our unique wheel design, mobile-first approach, diverse teacher talent, and our extensive library of meditation topics.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about expensive monthly subscriptions — buddhify is available for a low one-off fee.

How the app can help you meditate

  • Access to 200+ guided meditations
  • Learn on-the-go meditation techniques to incorporate alongside your daily activities
  • Innovative wheel design makes it easy to find meditations by category
  • Includes a solo timer for independent practice
  • Great mix of meditations with diverse voices and varied session lengths
  • And no subscription necessary … one-time download fee only

How to get started

  • Purchase and download the app on Google Play
  • Set aside 5 – 10 minutes to try out a meditation
  • Browse the wheel and find a category that speaks to you. Some of the our most popular categories include Going to Sleep, Stress & Difficult Emotion, and Waking Up. Pick a meditation and just press play — it’s really that simple and easy-to-use
  • Are you a beginner? If so, try starting with the Meditation 101 category
  • Once you are comfortable, explore the other features buddhify has to offer. You can customize your wheel, set Favourites, browse Foundations articles, or give the Kids wheel a go
  • Try the solo timer for unguided sessions and independent practice


What other Android users are saying about the app.

“Affordable, beautiful, and the first meditation app to actually help me meditate effectively.”

Madalyn G.

“This is an excellent app. It has and I’m sure will continue to be of great use to me and is by far the best mindfulness meditation app available. It has loads of great features and the mixture of using different people’s voices keeps things fresh.”

D. Wood

“I find this meditation app so relaxing. Far superior to the other ones I have tried.”

Maria B.

“The latest update is a fantastic improvement to an already solid meditation app. If you never pay for apps, make an exception for this one. They deserve the love.”

Greg N.

“This is now my go to meditation app. I love the idea of the wheels as it makes it easy to find what I’m looking for. Also, the voices are very soothing to listen to. Best yet, this is a one time purchase which I was happy to make. Buddhify, in my opinion, has everything good and none of the drawbacks.”


“I love the bright shiny updated app and just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been carrying you around with me on my phone for about 5 years now and you’re indispensable. Really.”

Ellen M.

“Best meditation app, the speakers are great, the price low, the meditations are more than one for everything you’d love to explore.”

Andrea D. C.


Yes! Click here to download on Google Play.

The current version of buddhify was developed for mobile devices running Android 4.1 and up.

The Google Play store offers the app for a one-time payment of $2.99 / £2.99. That’s it! There’s no monthly subscription fee required.

If you want to access meditations for future listening offline, all meditations in the buddhify app can be saved to your phone.

Our focus is on our unique combination of on-the-go meditations, our wheel design, and our one-time fee model.