Meditation App for Anxiety

Meditation app for anxiety

When our experience is difficult, it is a natural instinct to want to push it away. Many times we just want an instant fix. The last thing you want to do is sit with it. But really doing just that can be the best thing.

Anxiety, depression, stress, and panic attacks are mental health issues that far too many people experience. For many, anxiety is a common motivator for starting to meditate. When it feels like we just can’t deal with anything and it’s all a bit too much, a simple meditation can have a big impact.

Taking time for self care during these moments can provide enormous relief. If you are looking for a way to cope with or manage anxiety, buddhify has guided meditations that can help. With buddhify, you can learn how to practice mindfulness, find balance, and work your way toward calm.

How the app can help with anxiety

  • Sample a broad spectrum of different kinds and forms of meditation techniques. See what works best for you
  • Start with short meditations and build your way up to longer sessions at your own comfort level. We have meditations ranging in lengths from 3-40 minutes
  • Benefit from guided meditations with easy-to-follow instructions and well-suited for beginners
  • Listen on-demand, whenever it is convenient — no need to schedule a time
  • Learn how to integrate meditation with whatever you are doing. Any act can be a meditation!

You will learn how to:

  • Create space from difficult thoughts and emotions by flipping your attention elsewhere
  • Manage your mind state by taking advantage of the connection between the breath and how you feel
  • Take a moment of feeling grounded and steady to turn everything around
  • Name thoughts and emotions to avoid getting caught up in their power
  • Notice where in the body you most typically hold tension and ward off stress before it kicks in
  • Drop the storyline behind challenging thoughts and emotions, and just be with whatever is happening in the moment

How to use the app in situations that make you anxious

  • Treat the whole process of using the app as a way to pause and slow down
  • Remember, you don’t have to wait until you are in crisis mode to meditate. There’s no reason to put it off. If you start to notice anxiety is on the rise, be kind to yourself and take a few minutes to listen to a meditation
  • People who experience anxiety will want to check out meditations under Stress & Difficult Emotion 1, Stress & Difficult Emotion 2, and Specific Emotions
  • If you primarily use the app for anxiety, go ahead and set your default wheel to the custom Tough Times, a wheel with categories that emphasise dealing with the difficult. That way you can instantly pull up related meditations!
  • Perhaps you have anxiety about work, sleeping, pain, or travelling. If you have a context-specific anxiety, check out the coinciding categories on the wheel
  • New to meditation? We suggest trying ‘Rain’ under Stress & Difficult Emotion 1 for an intro to a classic technique pioneered by Tara Brach. Looking for a way to return to baseline during a time of high stress? Try ‘Overwhelmed’ under Specific Emotions
  • For the span of the meditation, turn your phone on silent and silence notifications. Incoming emails, texts, and phone calls can be distracting when our mind is already all over the place


Testimonials from other user who have successfully used the app to reduce their anxiety.

“I am a frequent buddhify user. It is the best mindfulness and meditation app out there. I suffer from depression and anxiety and am going through a very difficult time at the moment, but buddhify is helping me tremendously to make it through.”

Kim K.

“I just wanted to say that buddhify really helped me develop a solid meditation practice that I have stuck to now daily for months. I have struggled with general anxiety for years and although I’m not saying this is a magic fix, I am seeing real benefits and starting to become more mindful in my daily life.”

Louis H.

“This app was recommended to me by my doctor. Mindfulness has helped me manage anxiety, and this app has helped to guide me through mindfulness. Highly recommended.”

A. C.

“I suffer with quite bad anxiety, panic, and stress and I love how it has been so well catered for in the ‘Fear’ and ‘Overwhelmed’ meditations. It’s given me a great sense of stillness and relief from difficult circumstances.”


“Amazing guided meditation! There’s something for every situation, and it’s helped me through many anxiety attacks or sleepless nights.”

Hayley B.

“Really helps me refocus myself into a positive mind frame and put those overthinking thoughts at bay. Highly recommend!”

Elle F.


That happens. Anxiety really can hit us anytime and anywhere. Many of our meditations are designed to help you find calm while directly amidst the chaos. We teach you techniques that you can do at your desk, on the train, or alongside whatever you may be doing. All you have to do is put in your earbuds.

Mindfulness is really about awareness. The more we are aware of our thoughts and our patterns of mind the less power they have over us. Over time, meditation will teach you how to notice that anxiety is present sooner. While you can’t always prevent it from starting, you can reduce the tendency for it to flare up or escalate. Meditation can help you to short-circuit the cycle and find balance much sooner.

Do you have five minutes? Well then, you have time to meditate. We get that you may be on a time crunch, and that is why we offer a variety of shorter meditations. Many of our meditations are in that 5-10 minute range, perfect for sneaking in to your morning routine, during a work break, or as soon as you get home. With buddhify, carving out time will no longer be a barrier.