Meditation App for Calming Down

Meditation app for calming down

Day-to-day life can feel chaotic. At any given moment, we can benefit from generating more calm into our environment.

This particularly rings true on stressful days. Emotional turmoil, panic, overwhelm, and anxiety can all be triggers that leave us desperate for finding some inner calm. That is where mindfulness can help.

There are many reasons to meditate, but one of the most integral ones is often just to center — to feel grounded and to calm your mental process. But relaxing the mind and body may not always come easily on our own.

If you’re looking for help in achieving calm and balance, a meditation app like buddhify can offer great guidance. When it feels like it’s all a bit too much, a short and simple meditation can go a long way.

How the app can help

  • Enjoy easy-to-follow guided sessions specifically designed to help you calm down
  • Access on-demand meditations available whenever, wherever (perfect for finding calm in a busy world)
  • Get familiar with classic techniques such as RAIN, body scanning, whole body breathing, body-awareness, and concentration
  • Discover how to practice alongside different activities and in all parts of your day

You will learn how to:

  • Stay balanced irrespective of what is happening
  • Incline your mind towards peace and calm
  • Instil a sense of simple relaxation into all of your day
  • Notice what stays still even while moving
  • Sense the breath, the body, the environment, and let go of of the need to do anything
  • Bring awareness, sensitivity, and calm to whatever activity you are doing
  • Rest your attention on the breath to build mindfulness & stability

How to use the app for calming down​

  • Bring more calm to whatever situation you are in. Browse the main wheel and you will find meditations for calming down under many of our categories including Travelling, Parks & Nature, Waking Up, Work Break, Difficult Emotions, Going to Sleep, and Meditation 101
  • You can also select our custom Tough Times wheel, a special curated wheel featuring categories which emphasise dealing with the difficult
  • Just find a quiet place to step aside and pop in your earbuds. You don’t need a half hour or a special cushion or a completely secluded place
  • And now, for where to start. New to meditation? We suggest trying ‘Rest’ under Meditation 101. Need to get back to baseline during a time of high stress? Try ‘Overwhelmed’ under Specific Emotions. Have time for a longer session? Try ‘Calm’ under Just Meditation


“I have suffered from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Your app has changed my life. I am learning calmness and to reach for the calm way. If I could, I’d hug you all. Thank you so much.”

Eliza T.

“I enjoyed the app before the update, but now I love it. The ability to edit the meditation wheel with meditations you want and the addition of meditation for kids were two wonderful additions. All the people guiding you in the meditations have calming and nice voices. Plus the amount of stuff you get for free is insane!!! I love this app so much that if/when they provide memberships I would actually sign up and pay for it. Great job.”

Kaci K.

“Love buddhify and the calm it provides.”

Karen J.

“I’ve started using buddhify — it’s got guided meditations for just about everything. Usually I just use the sleep ones, but I was having a really stressy day a couple of weeks back and found a five minute meditation that really helped calm me down.”

Lizzi M.

“I am loving buddhify. It’s working very well in my busy life to create some much needed calm, peace, and mindfulness.”


“Really impressed with buddhify so far. A stressful sleep and worried wake-up was turned into a calming commute and PMA day in 10 minutes.”

Jack S.

“Perfectly timed and presented meditations for a ridiculously low price compared to other offerings. Through buddhify I’m learning to let go and relax more. Beautiful to look at, easy to use, and, above all, of benefit to my health and sanity.”

Glevum O.


Absolutely. We have created meditations that are good for beginners and experts and everyone in between.

Although we can create more space between thoughts, the goal is not to sit there and stop thinking or shut anything out. Rather, it’s actually devoting yourself to being present. From moment to moment, just really creating receptivity to what is happening and learning how to be with everything without needing to change it. The mind will fluctuate with its restlessness and its calm, but it will reach calm.

Nothing! Some days the mind is calm, present, and focused, others it is jumping all over the place. This is okay! The basic premise of mindfulness meditation is to become aware of the present moment. It’s a common misconception that meditation is just about feeling floaty, happy, and calm. Many days it is just about getting through the difficult things that are inside of you that come up. We have to be able to sit with those and be caring for all the different parts of us that come up.  

Take a deep breath. Remember that thoughts, emotions, and feelings are all fluid — like waves that come and go. Once you feel like you can sit down for a few minutes, try listening to a meditation.