Meditation App for Going to Sleep

Meditation app for going to sleep

So you’re having trouble sleeping? Sleeping is such a critical part of our daily routine. What should ideally be a peaceful and restful time, can for many people be quite the opposite. Tossing and turning and wishing you could fall asleep faster. We’ve all been there before.

In the course of our busy lives, restorative sleep is so invaluable. That’s why not being able to sleep can be such a difficult experience.

If you’re looking for both an immediate and a long-term solution, buddhify can be a great resource. We want to help you get that good night’s sleep that you are after.

How the app can help

  • Access a variety of meditations specifically designed for helping you sleep
  • Enjoy the soothing and gentle voices of our narrators, which naturally create a calming environment that promotes rest and relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety around falling asleep and put an end to restless nights
  • Learn simple and easy techniques that you can use with or without the app to make bedtime better

You will learn how to:

  • Use the reliability and regularity of the breath to settle the mind
  • Quiet an active mind and let go of any remaining tensions from the day 
  • Observe your thoughts as they appear and avoid getting caught up in their storylines
  • Use gratitude as a way to soften the mind and relax the body to set you up for sleep
  • Rest in what is happening and let it all happen (without judgement or trying to change it)
  • Learn how to soften your relationship to the difficulties you may have with sleep
  • And other reliable ways to encourage a sense of rest and bring ourselves closer to sleep!

How to use the app for improved sleep

  • We have written guided meditations for all kinds of different situations, including not being able to sleep. In our library, we have 20+ meditation that are centered around sleep. They can be found under four main categories: Going to Sleep 1, Going to Sleep 2, Can’t Sleep 1, and Can’t Sleep 2. You can add each of these categories to your main wheel or select our custom Sleep wheel (which includes all of these tracks) as your default
  • The Going to Sleep meditations are great for routine use, and the Can’t Sleep meditations are helpful on those nights when you are especially restless
  • Our sleep meditations are best listened to if you are not going to use your phone afterward — even to check messages or to set alarm. If you need to do any of these things, we suggest you pause the meditation and restart when you’re done
  • As a starting point, we recommend ‘Fade’ under Going to Sleep 1. It is the #1 most popular track on all of buddhify. We’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve told us how much they love listening to it. Aside from that, just explore the aforementioned categories and see what techniques work best for you personally


“I have been using this app for a couple of years and it is my favourite of all the ones I’ve tried. I especially love the meditations for going to sleep and find they work incredibly well to calm my brain. I use them nearly every night. Thank you Buddhify! You’ve been a life changer!”

J. R.

“I use the app at night to relax and to help me to sleep. I sometimes get bad insomnia and buddhify has really helped me with this. I would (and have!) recommend this app.”

Will R.

“I have been having trouble sleeping lately. I started listening to this at night and it helps me fall asleep. I am addicted to it.”

Jana P.

“I got the app because I had difficulty sleeping, and it single-handedly got me back on track. I’m not much of a meditation person, but this app makes me reconsider. Worth the money, easy to use, and a great range of scenarios.”

April C.

“I love listening to the voices of the people guiding you in the meditations. Most especially when going to sleep. Immediately calming and soothing – very highly recommended. Thanks team for such an essential app.”


“This is now my go to meditation app. I love the idea of the wheels as it makes it easy to find what I’m looking for. Also, the voices are very soothing to listen to. Best yet, this is a one time purchase which I was happy to make.”



Absolutely not!  Many of our users initially download the app in hopes of getting better sleep. Having trouble sleeping is one the primary reasons people start meditating. Our meditations are guided, so our narrators introduce you to techniques and walk you through some ways to train your mind to drift to sleep.

There are many lifestyle changes that can help get you back-on-track to better sleep: regular exercise, limiting your caffeine intake, and having a set bedtime. Even though they aren’t instant fixes, these are all great ways to improve your sleep hygiene.

Stress at work and in other areas of our lives can exasperate difficulties with sleep. Knowing that it’s really hard to be productive and efficient when you’re exhausted, only makes the idea of not falling asleep more anxiety provoking. It’s a vicious cycle. Mindfulness can help you be gentle and kind to yourself, which has a domino effect that will actually help you relax and get to sleep.

If you are struggling to get to sleep, meditation can help. So if you feel like you’ve exhausted all of your resources, yet you’re still lying awake in the middle of the night, a meditation app is worth trying. Sometimes we just need a little extra guidance to help us make a change. Just download the app, pick a track, and give it a go. You have nothing to lose!