Meditation App for Kids

Meditation app for kids

Sharing mindfulness and meditation with the young people in your life can be such a lovely experience. Finding a meditation app for kids is a great place to start.

If you’re wanting to help your child to learn how to focus, deal with difficult emotions, or even just get in a good mindset for the day, meditation can be a great tool.

At buddhify, we’re passionate about helping parents and teachers introduce mindfulness to kids. We believe teaching kids about meditation at a young age can be so valuable. The guided meditations in the new buddhify Kids section of the app can help you with the process!

How the app can help kids meditate

  • Listen to great beginners meditations specifically designed for kids ages 6-12
  • Enjoy content written and voiced by teachers who specialize in meditation for young people

Kids will learn

  • How to meditate
  • Mindfulness strategies that they can use with or without the app
  • A healthy coping mechanism to add to their tool box
  • Various approaches to meditation that are beneficial for different times and situations

How to use the app with my kids

  • Start by downloading the app and selecting the buddhify Kids wheel as your default wheel
  • The buddhify Kids wheel is made up of 18 different categories. This makes it easy to zero in on whichever meditations you think your child can benefit from most. If you are interested in using meditation to help your kid with an ongoing issue like trouble with sleep, calming down, or working with difficult emotions, find a related category and use that as an entry point
  • Don’t have a particular goal in mind? Alternatively, there are plenty of tracks for everyday situations if you want to opt for a more general meditation. Our library of content is full of choices that are practical, playful, and varied as possible
  • Once you’ve picked a track, you’re good to go. Just press play! The guided sessions will coach kids through the process
  • Give them a chance to share about their experience. Taking the time to chat afterward about their experience is a great opportunity for questions and to encourage them to get comfortable with talking about their inner world
  • Within the kids section, there are 50+ tracks to explore. The curated Kids wheel features popular categories, but you can customize the wheel. Being able to edit the wheel is a great feature to keep what you personally use most immediately available
  • Experiment with some activity-based meditations. We have guided sessions to listen to for routine things like Doing Homework, Eating, and Walking. This is a great way to introduce mindfulness habits into their everyday life


“I love your meditation app, it is great! The kids section is awesome too!”


“This was already my favourite meditation/mindfulness app but the new update has put it head and shoulders above the rest. It’s simple, easy to find what you want, actually fun to use and I find that the new kids wheel really does genuinely appeal to children. Can’t recommend the app enough.”

Chris P.

“Been very happy with this app, it has helped me so much. Even better now I can share with kids.”

Richard M.

“I’ve started using buddhify with my children. The breathing techniques my daughter has learned from meditation help her stay calm and relaxed.

Daphne S.

“I have been enjoying buddhify for a long time now! Most recently, just about every night before bed, my son and I listen to a meditation. This has become a lovely way for us to spend time together and reflect on what we are grateful for. Thank you for creating an app that enriches not only my life, but the lives of my family members as well.”

Tali N.

“I work as a school counsellor and have the default wheel set to Kids. I recommend it and use buddhify with many of my students.”

Mark L.

“Just a little thank you note to say that my kids and I are loving the app. Life gets hectic, and the guided meditations are exactly what we need to ground ourselves in peace and happiness. My 5-year-old son particularly has requested to listen to buddhify on a few occasions, and the practice is becoming a more prominent part of our family.”



A great starting point for kids would be in the five minute range. The majority of meditations on the buddhify Kids wheel are under 10 minutes and you’ll even find some as short as three minutes.

We’ve heard that many parents like using a buddhify as part of a bedtime routine. While that is a great option, we also think you can be just as successful with a more flexible approach! Anytime you make for mindfulness will be valuable.

Framing is everything! As you’d expect, if they view meditation as a boring activity or a chore, they are less likely to want to do it. One way to make it enticing is to frame meditation as play, which is easy since many of meditations from the Kids wheel are explicitly playful. Games, fun, and learning through play are big inspirations for how buddhify meditations are put together.

A common misunderstanding is that the goal of meditation is to not be distracted. Whether you are an adult or a kid, distraction is normal thing to experience and there shouldn’t be any negativity around it. The truth is distraction is a real opportunity to strengthen practice. Especially in the beginning, teaching kids how to simply notice where their attention has gone is such a valuable lesson.

The buddhify app is great for teachers as well! You could try it as a group or use it with kids on an individual basis based on their specific needs.

Having heard from many buddhify users that they already use the general app with their children, we thought it would be wonderful if we could create some specialist meditations for young people to support them even more. The app now has both adult and kids content. The new buddhify Kids wheel is included as a feature within the main app which you can switch to whenever you want. It’s an exciting new way to share your interest in mindfulness with your family.

Our intention when we created this was for parents or teachers to meditate together with their children. As children get more comfortable with it, they may enjoy exploring independently, but having your guidance will likely be helpful in getting started.