Where has it gone?

Not sure where your favourite buddhify meditations have migrated to in the new version? This post looks to resolve your concerns and also explains the changes in Stats

Given that many long-time buddhify users have certain meditations that are dear to them, here is a breakdown of where you can find legacy buddhify tracks in the all-new version if they are not in categories of the same name as before. All these changes are due to a rationalisation of all the content overall, so that they can be in a place that makes most sense for the app going forward. We apologise if anyone was surprised not to find something they were expecting to but we hope the below all helps and makes sense.

Where is...Waking Up / Intention?

There are new additional Waking Up meditations, which means we now have two categories: Waking Up 1 and Waking Up 2. Intention by Lodro Rinzler is now in Waking Up 2.

Where is...At Home / Bubbles?

Bubbles was the first meditation we made for listening to in the bath and it was so popular that we gave it its own category! That’s why you’ll now find Bubbles in the Bathtime category with three others.

Where is...Feeling Stressed / Difficult Emotions?

In the previous buddhify we had two categories: Feeling Stressed and Difficult Emotions. What we realised was that given that Stress *is* a difficult emotion, the techniques in both were relevant to both. So we combined the categories and now there is Stress & Difficult Emotion 1 and Stress & Difficult Emotion 2.

Where is...Critical?

This is now called Self-Critical and is in the Specific Emotions category.

Where is...Comfort?

This track was re-adapted into Specific Emotions/Overwhelmed.



As part of the new design, we have a new stats & achievements section which you can access via Settings. It is perhaps our biggest regret of the new version is that we were unable to port over people’s streak/usage information so we can only apologise that this is no longer present together with the self-reporting of awareness, concentration & balance. Part of the reason we have set up accounts is so that all usage data from now on is tagged to a profile rather than to a device.

Do please get in touch via if you have any more questions.