Goodbye burnout, hello calm

I’m calmer now, more observant instead of going along with the whirlwind of emotions

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Written by Daphne S., a buddhify user since 2016

A couple of years ago I reached a point of burnout. Being a mother, a wife, an English and drama teacher, and running my own theatre group became too much. That’s when I first started meditating. My life changed completely after that.

Meditation helped me to calm my mind that had been in overdrive for so long and regain my focus. When I was in the middle of my burnout, my mind felt like a blur. All emotions and thoughts had melted together in one big hazy spiral. With mindfulness practice, I was able to learn how to sift through those thoughts and to become more aware of my body, my surroundings, and the present moment. I’m calmer now, more observant instead of going along with the whirlwind of emotions.

Of course, this enormous change didn’t happen from one moment to the other. My first meditations were full of frustrations because I thought it was supposed to silence my mind, which obviously it didn’t. But gradually I got the hang of it.

Nowadays, I meditate every day. I’m a better wife, mother, and teacher because of it. It helps me to stay balanced, even in stressful times. It can be a longer meditation, but also the quick breath-focused meditations help me to stay grounded throughout the day.  

Growing compassion

Because I learned to have more compassion towards myself, I’m starting to become more compassionate towards others as well. The loving-kindness technique, in particular, has impacted my relationships. When doing the exercise of sending kind thoughts to various people, I become more aware of my love for my husband, children, and also myself. The connection I have with my husband and children is something that is more profound now, then during and before my burnout. The love and connection have always been there, but it has brought these to awareness.

Spreading positivity

My general state of mind has become more positive. Therefore I’m a better teacher too. Because a class full of teens is a mirror to what you do and feel as a teacher, when you’re more positive, the class’s overall attitude will be more positive. Of course, this isn’t some “magic trick” and it doesn’t mean all of the classes I teach are easy. But the 30 seconds of breath awareness has made me more present in my lessons overall.

Sharing practice with my daughter

I’ve also started meditating with my own children. My 9-year-old daughter has always had a hard time falling asleep. For the past six months, I’ve been meditating together with her every night. She has no trouble falling asleep anymore.

Recently, the benefits of meditation were really visible when she had to have a blood test in the hospital. The breathing techniques she has learned from meditation helped her stay calm and relaxed. She didn’t panic or cry at all during the whole procedure. I was so proud!

These 10 minutes of meditation each night have made a huge difference for her. And it has deepened the bond I have with her.

Based in the Netherlands, Daphne S. lives in Arnhem, Gelderland. One of the tracks she listens to most is Kind (Meditation 101), which she notes as having helped her become more aware of her love for her husband, her children, and herself.

If you feel you have learnt something important through your meditation practice and you’d like your share your insight or experience we’d love to hear from you. Let Dana know via and she’ll get in touch.