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How meditation helps me face the challenges of living with a chronic illness

My journey of finding balance with vertigo


Beating depression with total acceptance

Working with acceptance and mindfulness gave me a platform to get back to normal


PTSD treatment: Where meditation fits in

Psychologist Céline Paris talks about the benefits of introducing first responders, police officers, and soldiers to the practice


Building a meditation community at my workplace

Why I started leading mindfulness sessions at the office and what I’ve learned in the process


Mindfulness for new mums

I believe meditation helped me with my anxiety in the early months of being a new mum


Maturing as a meditator

Inside my personal journey to reinvigorate and deepen my formal practice


Mindful phone scrolling

I’ve learned how to take a potential distraction and turn it into a meditation


Goodbye burnout, hello calm

I’m calmer now, more observant instead of going along with the whirlwind of emotions


Working through illness and grief with meditation

After using mindfulness as a post-concussion recovery tool, a practice shared with a loved one during her battle with cancer, and a way to navigate the grieving process, Zach shares just how central meditation practice has been for him in the past decade.

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Bringing meditation to the classroom

Teacher Ned Anderson talks about sharing mindfulness practice with teens at school