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Maturing as a meditator

Inside my personal journey to reinvigorate and deepen my formal practice


Mindful phone scrolling

I’ve learned how to take a potential distraction and turn it into a meditation


Goodbye burnout, hello calm

I’m calmer now, more observant instead of going along with the whirlwind of emotions


Working through illness and grief with meditation

After using mindfulness as a post-concussion recovery tool, a practice shared with a loved one during her battle with cancer, and a way to navigate the grieving process, Zach shares just how central meditation practice has been for him in the past decade.

Stories / buddhify kids

Bringing meditation to the classroom

Teacher Ned Anderson talks about sharing mindfulness practice with teens at school


Learning to be happy with the imperfect

From letting go of perfectionism to working through post-breakup grief, Gordon shares how meditation practice provides a much-need shift in perspective.


For me, finding and practicing mindfulness has been a life-changer

Meditator James S. opens up about how exploring mindfulness has brought him mental clarity and emotional stability, especially in regards to managing BPD.

Stories / Parenting

Adventures of a Mindful Dad (5 months in)

Rohan shares how he’s had to learn new ways to meditate when first becoming a father.

Stories / Difficult Emotions

Managing chronic pain with mindfulness and meditation

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferer Heather G. wants to share her personal story with practice in hopes of helping others in a similar situation.


How meditation can help those struggling with mental illness and addiction find relief

Therapist and buddhify user Sarah Levin, MA, LPCC, brings us frontline to a psychiatric stabilization unit, where she uses guided mindfulness training to assist clients.