Meditation App for Beginners

Meditation app for beginners

You’ve heard all about the benefits of meditation, and you’ve decided you’re ready to give it a try. But given how many mindfulness and meditation resources are out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to go next. 

With buddhify, you can download the app and get started immediately. You don’t have to worry about knowing how to do it right and the myriad of other questions you may have as a beginner. If you are new to the practice, our guided meditations are an excellent resource and will walk you through everything. 

Anxiety, stress, sleep issues, and the desire for more calm and relaxation are all common reasons that motivate people to meditate. Whatever that core motivation is that is driving your interest in meditation, buddhify has plenty to offer.

The app is easy-to-use and great for beginners. Go ahead, give it a go.

How the app can help beginners

  • Sample a broad spectrum of different kinds and forms of meditation techniques. See what works best for you.
  • Start with short meditations and build your way up to longer sessions at your own comfort level. We have meditations ranging in lengths from 3-40 minutes.
  • Benefit from guided meditations with easy-to-follow instructions and well-suited for beginners. 
  • Listen on-demand, whenever it is convenient — no need to schedule a time.

How to get started as a beginner

  • Just open the app, find a track, and start meditating. That’s the beauty of buddhify — it’s really that straightforward.
  • For an introduction to meditation basics, we recommend the Just Meditation and Meditation 101 categories of the wheel.
  • Explore the app. With over 200 meditations available, you have many options for where to begin. Find meditations based on your motivation for meditating to begin with and/or what is happening for you in the moment. Popular categories for context-specific meditations include: At Home, Walking, Waking Up, Going to Sleep, Stress & Difficult Emotion, Pain & Illness, and Work Break. 
  • Use at your convenience and as needed. One of the great things about about buddhify is you don’t have to schedule a time to meditate. 
  • Check out our in-app Foundations content to learn more about how meditation works and the buddhify approach. The purpose of these mini articles is to give users background information that will support their understanding and practice beyond the guided meditations. 
  • Enjoy the discovery process and be playful.


“A great app for those starting meditation. Sleek design, nice interface, and good content.” 

Andika W.

“The content is really good — a meditation for every possible occasion, ranging in length and tone!”

Ana S.

“Affordable, beautiful, and the first meditation app to actually help me meditate effectively.”

Madalyn G.

“This app delivers little sessions of meditative bliss. It has helped me slow down and take some time for myself healing my stressed out mind. It is easy to use and not full of new age babbel.”

Christian D.

“Love this app! I started mindfulness meditation with this app. If you are new to meditation, this is the app worth getting. It helps that it lets you do it no matter where you are, even while commuting.”


“The design is beautiful and a pleasure to use, and I really like all the themed options. Makes it easy for beginners to get going!”

Steffen N.

“Get centred! The buddhify app is brilliant for moments of stillness amid a frantic day, for beginners and old meditation hands alike.”

Annie W.


We have sessions for complete beginners and those with more experience, with lengths from 3-40 minutes. People who have no experience meditating can learn some basic techniques and seasoned meditators can use the app to broaden their range of techniques and utilize the solo timer.

At buddhify, we believe the purpose of a good meditation app is to help you get to the point where you no longer need a meditation app. While the app is always there as a tool for inspiration and support, our ideal outcome is that you use the app to learn new techniques and understand the practice well enough that you can practice on your own. Once you get familiar with some meditations, we encourage you to take the methods that you like and try them in independent self-guided practice.

Don’t expect your mind not to wander. It is a myth that meditation is simply about clearing your mind. The basic premise of mindfulness meditation is just to be aware of the present moment. If you’re feeling fidgety or you mind is racing, know that these are normal experiences — even for long-time meditators. Let’s face it, some days our mind is calm, present, and focused, others it is jumping all over the place.

Our approach is not about streaks. Life is already tough enough without your mindfulness app making you feel bad about yourself because you didn’t manage to do a meditation session on a super busy day. With that said, buddhify does have many short meditations to help you overcome the time barrier. You’ll be surprised at what taking five minutes to practice can do for you.