Stress Relief Meditation

Stress relief meditation

Having a stressful day? With the help of buddhify, you’ll be able to bring a bit of relief to all that is going on, a little calm to the overwhelm.

Stress is something that is inescapable in everyday life. Luckily, it is manageable. Knowing that it will come our way day to day, it helps to have stress relief tactics on queue. Meditation is a great way to de-stress and take care of yourself.

At buddhify, we have guided practices that will introduce to the superpower of mindfulness skills. While doing something like having a cup of tea or going for endorphin-boosting run can be nice, knowing how to diffuse anxiety and generate relaxation on your own is quite a powerful skill to have. Take a chance and give it a try with us.

How the app can help reduce stress

  • Short exercises to help you lower anxiety and stress on the spot
  • Meditations that teach you stress-reduction techniques you can use anytime, anywhere
  • 200+ guided practices with many catering specifically to anxiety, stress, and difficult emotions
  • Sessions led by teachers with soothing voices that create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation
  • Learn basic mindfulness skills to support you during challenging situations

You will learn how to:

  • Identify and bring relief to your signature tension areas
  • Relax your body to change your state of mind
  • Use grounding techniques to help maintain balance even in times of chaos
  • Recognize thoughts or emotions without being thrown off course by them
  • Use your breath as a tool to stabilize your mind during difficult times
  • Create space by allowing our experience to be as it is without trying to change it

How to use the app for stress relief​

  • Take a moment to find a quiet space or somewhere you can at least put in some earbuds without being bothered. Commit to doing something kind for yourself and setting aside just 5 to 10 minutes to do a quick meditation
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, there is an obvious place to start. Select the Stress & Difficult Emotion 1 category from the wheel, pick a track, and press play. Should you want more content to explore, you can always edit your main wheel to add the Stress & Difficult Emotion 2 category
  • If stress relief is your primary use for the app, we recommend setting the Tough Times wheel as your default. Curated by the buddhify team, this custom wheel is focused on dealing with the difficult
  • Alternatively, if your stress is situational, i.e. work or sleep related, try exploring the related categories like Work Break of Going to Sleep 1
  • In stressful circumstances, finding a guide with a voice that is comforting to you personally can help. Each of our tracks notes who it is voiced by, and you will naturally find your favorite lead who can be your go-to for stress relief
  • Set a daily reminder to take some time and center. This is a simple tactic to build a meditation habit and alleviate the tension long before it interferes with your day
  • As you become comfortable meditating, experiment with doing some of the techniques you’ve learned on your own. The Solo Timer feature is a great way to do this


Here are some people who have successfully used the app for stress relief.

“Buddhify, you are a voice of comfort that I repeatedly turn to in times of stress, need, anxiety, or simply when I am in need of guidance towards a clearer mind state.”

Louise H.

Helps with anxiety and stress! Tried a meditation and it really helped with strong feelings of anxiety I was dealing with that day. Woke up the next day feeling much better and my mind had stopped churning over worries. Very happily surprised with the effect – thank you.”

H. G.

“This has been an amazing tool to help me meditate. It’s especially useful when going to sleep after a stressful day. Very accessible! So grateful to have it.”

Christine T.

“My CBT therapist recommended this app to me and it has changed my life. I’ve tried other meditation apps before but none of them have stuck with me until buddhify came long. While I still have a ways to go, this app has helped enormously in my journey to reducing overall anxiety and tension and encouraging a greater level of baseline calm. When problems come up, I am no longer so quick to jump to anger and am better able to approach difficult situations with a rational mind. Thank you all for the wonderful work you do.”

Louis B.

“This app delivers little sessions of meditative bliss. It has helped me slow down and take some time for myself healing my stressed out mind. It is easy to use and not full of new age babble.”

Christian D.

“Simply put, buddhify is an outstanding, easy-to-use app for both guided and unguided meditation. Personally, I struggle every day with anxiety disorders, so I can experience strong, difficult emotions more often than others. Without question, buddhify has become my most powerful coping strategy for helping me soften and manage my difficult emotions. It has profoundly and positively improved the quality of my life. So, whether you live with mental illness or simply would like to reduce stress and bring more relaxation into your life, buddhify truly has the potential to improve your wellbeing.”


“This app has had a tremendous impact on my meditation practice, but more importantly, my life! It’s the perfect antidote to stress and even acts as an incredible sleep aid. I can’t recommend it enough. Download it. It’s worth every penny.”



Start meditating at times when you feel okay too, and you’ll get used to it as a tool that you have in your pocket. Then when you catch stress as it is sneaking up on you, make it a point to pause and practice. The more you see first-hand that is an effective way to manage your stress, the more often you’ll naturally remember it and want to go back to it.

We totally get that. Being that stress can happen whenever and wherever, we designed all of our meditations in the app with that in mind. Even if you are on a tram or in a noisy workspace, you can just put your earbuds in and be stealth about it. When you find the time and space to practice in a more comfortable situation, use that as an opportunity for mastering some basic mindfulness tricks that you can recall to help you in the moment — even without the app.

Absolutely, just put your headphones in at your desk and step away. Try one of our Work Break meditations specifically.

Understanding the mind-body connection is extremely helpful for this. Your body has patterns of stress — signature areas where you hold tension like the jaw, the shoulders, or your stomach. Knowing this alone can help you short-circuit the cycle. Most importantly, don’t be hard on yourself if you miss the onset or have a meltdown or breakdown from time-to-time. Adding that layer of judgment will only make it worse.  Give yourself credit for being aware at all and trying to develop a sense of calm and resilience through practice.