Stress Awareness – Try our Manage meditation

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme of stress, learn a simple way to soften the experience of stress right in the heat of the moment.


Managing Stress

One of the keys to dealing with stress is recognising that is it just part of life. The aim is therefore not to try and get rid of it completely – since that’s just not possible. Instead the aim is to get better of managing it, and that is a real skill. Mindfulness and meditation is a wonderful way to learn more about stress and to develop techniques and strategies to soften its impact. And that is what we’ll do in this meditation called Manage. 

Introducing Manage

The Manage meditation takes advantage of an important connection – the connection between our body and our mind-state. In particular it explores the relationship between our breath and our mind-state since when we are agitated, our breath tends to be agitated, and when we feel calm, our breath tends to be calm.  The trick in Manage is that it also works the other way around and that by modulating our breath, we can also calm our minds. 

Manage is only five minutes long and is designed to be listened to in the moment while you are actually feeling stressed… so why not give it a go?

Listen to Manage

The importance of learning

Through meditations like Manage we can start to learn a whole host of techniques which allow us to deal with stress, soften its impact and reduce any resistance we may have towards it. Learning about our patterns and habits when it comes to stress is absolutely fundamental to how mindfulness helps us in those situations since they more we are aware of our stress and – importantly – our stressors, the less power they have over us. 

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