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There are several settings within the app which you can adjust to make the app more suitable to your needs and preferences:


Font size: You can increase and decrease the font size within sections of the app. You can change the font size under Settings. This will change font size within in blue bar menu, information about tracks and Foundations. The font size of track names on the wheel will not change.

Wheel speed: You can change the speed of the wheel to either slow, normal or fast. You can change this in Wheel speed within Settings.

Transmission: In Transmission you can change settings, so you only need to hold down one side. Go to settings and scroll down to Transmission one-tumb control – turn this on.

Screen reading: iOS VoiceOver and Android screen readers works on parts of the app, but do not currently work to screen read the names of tracks on the wheel. We hoping to be able to work on making a version of buddhify which works better with screen reading software.


If you have suggestions for improving the accessibility of buddhify, we would really like to hear. You can email us on

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