How do I set reminders to meditate?

Buddhify doesn’t have a reminder function. It is something we have considered adding in the past, but we ultimately decided not to do it for a couple of reasons.

Firstly it can definitely work, but for some people it can feel quite pressured and is often found within apps that trying to drive people back to just their app to ensure they keep them as a customer (which we don’t think is a good enough reason).

Secondly, we think there are some nice alternative ways of doing this, which may in the long run be a better way of training one’s mind into remembering. For example sticking a post-it note to your computer or some other object which you decide on can become your meditation reminder. Alternatively you could set an alarm on your phone.

Thirdly, many of the buddhify tracks are focused on what you are doing right now – so if you remember you wanted to fit in a meditation, that’s your chance – go for it right there!

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