Can you recommend tracks for relieving stress and tension?

There are lots of tracks across Buddhify that can help reduce stress and tension.

If you are looking for something right now you could try, any of the following should help:

  • Work Break: Sign
  • Work Break: Ready 
  • Going to Sleep 1: Releasing 
  • Can’t Sleep 1: Gentle
  • Can’t Sleep 1: Hello

Or any tracks from the the sections called Stress & Difficult Emotion 1 and Stress & Difficult Emotion 2. These two sections are packed full for tracks that can help relieve your stress and tension.

Within Buddhify there are a number of different meditation techniques, all of which will help with stress and tension. You can explore some of the different types in the section called Meditation 101. Also an example of taking a different approach to dealing with stress and tension is to try a track such as Work Break: Network, which focuses on developing kindness towards others.  


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