What is buddhify Membership?

Buddhify Membership is your way to deepen your practice, build meditation your community, and support our work.

Buddhify Membership is available as an in-app purchase. As a Member, you get access to three additional features within the app all of which help take your meditation to the next level. You can read more about membership here.

What’s included with Membership

Transmission. A first-of-its-kind karaoke-style feature which allows you to read out and share our most popular meditations in your own voice with the people in your life. Changing what a meditation app can do, Transmission is perhaps the most exciting feature ever made.

Formal wheel. Designed to help you grow your formal meditation skills, this wheel contains 18 new meditations structured as short training courses, based on the six core meditation techniques every deepening practitioner should know.

Together. Video courses, practice themes, deep dives into popular meditations, and stories from across the community, updated on a weekly basis.

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