What is buddhify?

Buddhify is a mindfulness mediation mobile app for your phone and tablet. It works on most Android and iOS devices.

You don’t need to find the time for a formal meditation session everyday, we’ll show you how to bring mindfulness to all parts of your life with exercises for whatever you’re doing and wherever you are – from travelling, taking a break at work or going to sleep. We’ll help you find calm in any situation.

What’s included with buddhify

Buddhify is packed with guided meditations and information to help your meditation journey:

  • Over 200 meditations to help overcome life’s challenges including anxiety, stress, sleep, pain and difficult emotions.
  • Mindfulness exercises you can do wherever you are, in categories such as travelling, at work, waking up, eating, and even when you’re online.
  • Sessions for complete beginners and those with more experience, with lengths from 3-40 minutes.
  • A solo timer for more seasoned meditators.
  • A range of experienced teachers so you can choose the voice and style that’s right for you
  • Kids content for the little people in your life.
  • There is also access to the optional in-app purchase for Buddhify membership with a range of additional features for those looking to take their meditation practice further.

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