App Guide

About Give

How to use this simple but powerful feature that is all about generosity and thinking of others

What Give does

A new feature from buddhify, Give allows you to send a meditation to someone you care about, targeted to what you think they would most value. What they receive is a link to webpage where they can play the specific buddhify meditation that you have chosen for them, for free and without needing to have the app.

Why use Give?

While you are likely already a big fan of mindfulness and meditation, perhaps some people in your life might be intimidated by it or unsure about where to start. So instead of suggesting they try meditation in a very general way, Give allows them to try a meditation based on what they need in that moment. It is a bit like sending them a greeting card to say you’re thinking of them but in the form of a guided meditation.

How to use it

1. Open Give either from the menu or from the Features wheel which you can access by tapping the blue icons in the 6 o’clock position of the main wheel.

2. Give will then ask you if the friend you’re sending a meditation to is having a hard time at the moment or if you want to just send them a meditation in general.

3. If they’re having a hard time, you can refine what meditation you send by choosing a challenge they might be dealing with. Or if in general, you can choose a type or context of meditation you want to send them. Alternatively, if you already know what you want to send, you can tap that option and send your track straight away.

4. Give then offers you three meditations that we think match your choices well and then you tap the one you want to send. 

5. You’ll then see all the ways you can send the meditation natively through your phone, for example via email or text message or another social network. Choose the one you want and you’ll have a message there with the right link to your chosen meditation.

6. Complete the message to make it a bit more personal and send it to your friend.

They will then in their own time give it a go and you can maybe check in with them about it at a later date to see how they liked it.

Please note that not all buddhify meditations are currently available via Give but in time we hope to add more if the feature is popular.

Why we made Give

We made Give because generosity is important to us. Sharing an interest in meditation with the people in our lives is a lovely thing to do but it is best done gently rather than going all evangelical. It is also part of our mission to make mindfulness more of a social practice than just an individual one.