What categories and tracks are available on Buddhify?

Buddhify has tracks that relate to many different parts of your life, with additional tracks focusing on more formal sitting meditation. In total the app includes over 200+ guided meditations. 

Here’s an overview of the categories of tracks (each category has between 3 to 6 guided meditations that focus on that category topic):

What you are doing: Travelling, Walking, Eating, Bathtime, Using your phone.

Where you are: At the gym, At home, Parks & nature

Who you are with: With a friend, With partner

While at work: Work break, At your computer, With colleagues

Categories that focus on developing particular mindfulness qualities: Growing the lovely, Needing presence 

Dealing with difficult experiences: Pain & illness, Stress & Difficult Emotions, Specific Emotions

And the ever popular Sleep categories: Can’t sleep, Going to sleep, Waking up.

In addition there are other categories in the Kids section of the app, and many formal meditation tracks (in categories including Meditation 101).

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