How do I change the voice for meditation tracks?

Buddhify doesn’t offer alternative voices for meditation tracks. There are several reasons alternative voices are not offered:

Firstly recording and editing tracks takes a long time, with each track needing a teacher, audio producer,  recording studio and sound engineer. We also have someone who reviews all the tracks so they have a similar sound and to check for any mistakes in the tracks. 

Secondly if we offered alternative voices for the tracks it would also significantly increase the app size – which would cause a problem for many of our users.  

So instead across the app you’ll find 14 different voices – so you are sure to find voices that you prefer. You can find out who voices a track by holding down on the track and the information will appear. 

An alternative way of looking (or listening!) to the voices is that if you are looking to change a voice on a particular track because you don’t like the voice, you can in fact use that difficulty as a focus for your meditation. Now there’s an idea!

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