What is Favourites?

Favourites allows you to set meditations and other content as your favourites so you can access them quickly without always having to go via the wheel.

Why use Favourites?

If you know which meditations work for you, this is a great way to access them.

How to use it

1. You can set meditations as favourites in two places, either the screen you see at the completion of a meditation track or when you hold down on the track’s name in the wheel. Tap the heart to make it a favourite. Please note that you’ll only have the option to set a favourite from the wheel view once you’ve played that meditation already.

2. You can then access your favourites either from the footer menu or by tapping the heart in the top right corner of the main wheel screen.

3. You can also favourite other content such as Foundations.

Why we made Favourites

Because it was the most requested feature from our users!

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