Using buddhify

Buddhify has over 200 guided meditation tracks, and the best way to get started is to open up the app, create an account and find a section that reflects what you are doing and get started with a meditation.

You can try:

  • Guided meditations for wherever you are and (almost) whatever you are doing. Guided meditation tracks are between 4 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Learning and deepening your meditation practice. In Foundations you can learn some important principles of what meditation is and how it works. And the Solo Timer will support you to meditate without any guidance. You can find Foundations on the wheel and your Solo Timer in the blue footer menu.
There are many features in Buddhify that enable you to personalise the app. There are other support articles that provide guidance on using features including personalising the app, creating an account, changing the wheel and creating favourites. And beyond this there are also further articles on using the app on our Blog – search under App Guide. 


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