What new content we’re adding to buddhify and why

This autumn we will be giving buddhify a major new content refresh which will effectively double the amount of meditations available in the iOS app – while of course the Android version will launch with this new content. Currently the app has 42 meditations and when the new tracks are added, there will be 83…so that’s quite a big increase. …

buddhify HQWhat new content we’re adding to buddhify and why
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Disrupting the Guru Model & Why Personalisation is at the Heart of buddhify

This is the first in a series of posts explaining the big ideas and the little details behind buddhify. If there is one big idea behind buddhify it’s personalisation. Guided audio meditation is already a very personal thing – what can be more intimate than being in someone’s head inviting them to place their attention in certain ways? But what …

buddhify HQDisrupting the Guru Model & Why Personalisation is at the Heart of buddhify
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Android is coming (and other news)…

buddhify 2 for iOS is seven months old today. And what better way than to celebrate by making three lovely announcements. 1. Android is coming… For all the hundreds of people who have messaged us requesting buddhify for Android, you are right and have always been right that an Android version of buddhify would be awesome. And now that the …

buddhify HQAndroid is coming (and other news)…
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What you want & what we’re doing about it

buddhify 2 is now eight weeks old and we continue to be energised, moved and inspired by the community of users that has grown so quickly around the app. The new app contains a simple way for people suggest new activities or parts of life for custom meditation tracks. And to date we’ve received 768 suggestions and so we wanted …

buddhify HQWhat you want & what we’re doing about it
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The first 4 weeks of buddhify 2 – a review

With the launch of buddhify 2 four weeks old today, here is a quick summary of what has happened over that short time. Media coverage The Jan 6 launch was thematically an ideal time to launch – for many people it was their first day back at work and with many fresh new year’s resolutions around mindfulness already needing support, …

buddhify HQThe first 4 weeks of buddhify 2 – a review

5 reasons to get buddhify 2

Ok so why should you part with two of your hard-earned dollars to get buddhify 2 on the AppStore? Here’s five reasons… 1. Because it gives you a great way into mindfulness and meditation Mindfulness and meditation is pretty big nowadays, and while it’s certainly not a panacea it’s something that can bring a lot of really positive qualities into …

buddhify HQ5 reasons to get buddhify 2

Why is buddhify 2 is launching for iOS only?

We’ve recently had many emails and tweets in recent weeks asking why buddhify 2 is only out for iOS devices and so rather than respond to everyone in turn it makes sense to explain here why we made that decision. We would genuinely love nothing more than to be able to publish buddhify 2 for Android as well as all …

buddhify HQWhy is buddhify 2 is launching for iOS only?

What’s new in buddhify 2?

While for many people buddhify 2 will be their first experience of on-the-go urban meditation, there will also be many of you who have enjoyed the original buddhify app – buddhify classic – and are wondering why you should get the new app. Built from scratch, buddhify 2 is still based on the core buddhify concept of meditation for wherever …

buddhify HQWhat’s new in buddhify 2?

VIDEO: Rohan’s talk at Future Fest in London

buddhify creator Rohan recently gave a talk at Future Fest in London on the relationship between technology and the mind and what that might mean for how we make software and hardware in the future.

buddhify HQVIDEO: Rohan’s talk at Future Fest in London

Rohan on BBC’s Digital Human

Rohan was interviewed as part of the excellent BBC Radio series Digital Human hosted by Aleks Krotoski. You can hear the episode, Detox (S3E5) here.

buddhify HQRohan on BBC’s Digital Human