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How membership supports buddhify’s future

Helping both our users and our company get to the next level


Learning to be happy with the imperfect

From letting go of perfectionism to working through post-breakup grief, Gordon shares how meditation practice provides a much-need shift in perspective.

Opinion / Team

Running a business with your partner

A candid perspective of what it’s like to run Mindfulness Everywhere as a husband and wife team

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How do I become a Member?

Follow these simple steps to get started with buddhify Membership

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Why Together Matters

Rohan shares the reasons why Together, available for buddhify Members, is so important

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Why Formal Matters

Rohan shares the four reasons why Formal, available for buddhify Members, is important

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Why Transmission Matters

Rohan shares the five reasons why Transmission is an important development for mindfulness apps


Meet the team: Emmie McKay | Production & Vocals

Emmie on social meditation, counselling training, and powerful customer feedback

Ideas / Team

The Future of Mindfulness Apps (and how to get there)

Rohan on the evolution of mindfulness products and what the next generation of apps will look like.


Meditation: Am I doing it right?

The simple answer is yes.