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Running a business with your partner

A candid perspective of what it’s like to run Mindfulness Everywhere as a husband and wife team

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How do I become a Member?

Follow these simple steps to get started with buddhify Membership

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Why Together Matters

Rohan shares the reasons why Together, available for buddhify Members, is so important

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Why Formal Matters

Rohan shares the four reasons why Formal, available for buddhify Members, is important

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Why Transmission Matters

Rohan shares the five reasons why Transmission is an important development for mindfulness apps


Meet the team: Emmie McKay | Production & Vocals

Emmie on social meditation, counselling training, and powerful customer feedback

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The Future of Mindfulness Apps (and how to get there)

Rohan on the evolution of mindfulness products and what the next generation of apps will look like.


Meditation: Am I doing it right?

The simple answer is yes.

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Together: New skills, new inspiration

What to expect from Together, our new feature available for buddhify members

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Transmission: Our all-new karaoke meditation feature

What to expect from Transmission, our new feature available for buddhify members