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Meet the team: Level Up | Mobile Development

Get to know the real unsung heroes of the whole project


Meet the team: Ryan Thompson | Visual Identity

Ryan discusses typography, the new app design, and having multiple creative outlets


Meet the team: Lucy Gunatillake | Research & Vocals

Lucy opens up about being dubbed the most popular voice on the app, surprising customer insights, and more


Meet the team: Dana Jaffe | Editorial Support

Dana talks about her meditation journey, living in a tiny house, and mastering British English grammar

Opinion / Team

Running a business with your partner

A candid perspective of what it’s like to run Mindfulness Everywhere as a husband and wife team


Meet the team: Emmie McKay | Production & Vocals

Emmie on social meditation, counselling training, and powerful customer feedback

Ideas / Team

The Future of Mindfulness Apps (and how to get there)

Rohan on the evolution of mindfulness products and what the next generation of apps will look like.

Difficult Emotions / Ideas / Team

The stress of making a mindfulness app

Rohan talks very openly about the real stresses he feels as a meditation entrepreneur.


Meet the team: Pärtel Unga | Production & Design

Pärtel talks about ethical design, his favourite bits of buddhify, and meditating at work


Meet the team: Helen Stander | Marketing Lead

Helen opens up about finding meaningful work and meditating with your partner