For me, finding and practicing mindfulness has been a life-changer

Meditator James S. opens up about how exploring mindfulness has brought him mental clarity and emotional stability, especially in regards to managing BPD.

Meditation Revealed

Membership Preview: Meditation Revealed

Fade is the #1 most popular track on all of buddhify. Discover where this Going to Sleep meditation came from and how it works.


Inside data privacy at Mindfulness Everywhere

Find out more about how we handle data.

Difficult Emotions / Ideas / Team

The stress of making a mindfulness app

Rohan talks very openly about the real stresses he feels as a meditation entrepreneur.


Meet the team: Pärtel Unga | Production & Design

Pärtel talks about ethical design, his favourite bits of buddhify, and meditating at work


Why are you meditating?

The ‘why’ matters.

Stories / Parenting

Adventures of a Mindful Dad (5 months in)

Rohan shares how he’s had to learn new ways to meditate when first becoming a father.


Stress awareness – Try our Zap meditation

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme of stress, we share our most popular walking meditation.


Meet the teacher: Vince Horn

Let’s get geeky with Vince Horn, contributor to buddhify

Stories / Difficult Emotions

Managing chronic pain with mindfulness and meditation

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferer Heather G. wants to share her personal story with practice in hopes of helping others in a similar situation.